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Incontinence Supplies

Comfortable incontienence supplies for seniors to improve the living quality

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Women's Care

Comfortable care for women who pursue health and quality. From the inside out, breathable, comfortable and stress-free, free and easy.

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Oral Gel

Probiotic oral cleaning gel, professionally cleans tongue coating, inhibits oral bacteria, improves oral environment, and maintains lasting fresh breath

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About Us

We Are Providing the Best Incontinence supplies.

Starland (Shandong) Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. is an international company specializing in the field of Incontinence supplies, integrating global Incontinence supplies OEM manufacturers, ODM designers and distributors. Starland was established by a Singapore company with an investment of 350 million RMB Yuan. It was rated as a provincial key project company by Shandong Province. The company's business covers adult disposable diapers, menstrual pants, sanitary napkins, nursing pads, wet wipes, masks, pet care and other disposable hygiene products. Starland currently integrates the global supply chain with high-end advanced fully automated equipment, has an independent R&D center, quality control center, self-support import and export rights.The company has obtained a number of patent certificates and can provide many international branded products around the world. High-quality products and professional services can meet the different needs of various customers. Starland adheres to the use of science and technology to warm people’s hearts, adheres to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) corporate standards, and selects raw materials that meet low-carbon green supply chain standards; uses solar clean energy that can reduce environmental pollution; chooses to use renovation instead of new construction, Save 30% of carbon emissions for the planet. At the same time, we are committed to helping our customers to enjoy the most professional and high-quality services, to achieve the creation of sustainable products, and to help our consumers to enjoy the healthy and beautiful life brought by Starland products!

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